Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Green

Don't you just love those silly quizzes that tell you "your color"?  I recently took one and found out that I was "Meadow Green".  Good to know.  I do love green and wear it often - and this week, my table wore it too!

Since we are out for Spring Holidays, we have time to eat a good breakfast and to really set the table.  With nobody up, I can rearrange this tablescape to my heart's content. I've decided that those ho hum juice glasses just have to go.

I changed those and used these glasses, which are fine for juice, but are really Jamestown water goblets by Fostoria.  I just got them on Ebay.  Of course I had to use them right away!  (They match the Depression Glass a little better than this picture would have you believe.) I love them.  My mama chose that pattern when she got married.  When I was growing up, we only used those glasses on special occasions, so I've decided to make this a very special breakfast.

And since we are making it a special meal,  I went ahead and got the silver out.  This pattern is Old Atlanta by Wallace.  (Just the name channels that inner Scarlett, doesn't it?)  I didn't pick this pattern when I got married, I rewarded myself with some pieces after I ran a marathon a few years ago.  It was worth it!

This dinner plate, cup and saucer are from Mikasa.  You've probably seen it on a million blogs.  It is Italian Countryside.  I decided I loved it after seeing how many different bloggers had used it in so many different ways. (Especially Yvonne at The Stone Gable!)  It's quite the workhorse of tablescaping!  The salad plate is Block Optic by Anchor Hocking.  I use it all the time.  I'll probably put a little fruit salad on it. We'll warm up with that and then dive into grits, (well, of course!) biscuits and honey, bacon and eggs. The green and white checked napkins are by Waverly and were purchased years ago at Stein Mart.  The napkin ring is from Pier 1.  The white napkins that are layered with the green and white ones belonged to my Grandmother Middlebrooks.  I'm sure she would think it's a hoot that I am taking pictures of them and blogging about it!

Back to Grandmama: this was another one of her linens that I associate with special occasions.  I lined a white hobnail milk glass basket with it.  That's for the biscuits.

I will probably just drink coffee - and lots of it, but the special people might like hot tea.  I love this tea pot that is Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers.  The teapot and the  platter are from Athens Antiques which is just a fun place to stop when you visit Athens.  One of the vendors there has quite a Johnson Brothers collection.  Knowing I love their patterns, she twisted my arm into buying this awesome platter! looks like Friendly Village, but it isn't.  It was made to sell at Mount Vernon and stars George and Company.  It matches Friendly Village perfectly, but I love thinking that it is quite American!

And before I call the special people to their special breakfast, check this out!  These were supermarket flowers from Publix.  I thought they were really pretty in this hobnail fan vase.  Mama hates a fan vase.  What do you think?

"John... Julia... time to get up.  Breakfast is ready."

"Ahhh, Mom, we wanted Poptarts!

Tonight, I'll be linking to Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Tomorrow I'm sleeping later and serving... Poptarts!


  1. Visting you from Tablescape Thursday! Love your tablescape!!!! Beautiful dishes, and I enjoyed reading your narrative. I think even Poptarts would be delicious at your lovely table!

  2. Just left a comment, but it didn't seem to post. I hesitate to yak it all out again in case it shows up after some kind of floating cyber adventure.

    What I said, among, other things, was that I loved the table, especially the biscuit basket and that flower vase. The fan shape is my favorite part.

    It all looks wonderful, and I'm so glad you linked up to TT!

  3. Lovely table setting. Love the glassware, looks perfect. Looking forward to more posts. Diane

  4. Oh! It is sooo..beautiful!
    So bright, so springy :)


  5. My post was entitled Spring Green too. I love that new platter and the depressionware too. Happy Spring! My kids love pop tarts too! Joni

  6. Pretty tablescape! I love your Mount Vernon platter; it's very interesting. Cute idea to use the hobnail basket for biscuits; I like that. And speaking of breakfast, your menu sounds great. Forget those pop tarts, I'll take grits, eggs, and biscuits any day.