Monday, April 18, 2011

Confirmation Weekend

April 17 was a beautiful Palm Sunday in Athens, Georgia.  While that day is always significant, the fact that our son was confirmed that day made it even more so. Confirmation is basically becoming  a member of the church.  In our church, there is a super, well planned program for all 7th graders who wish to join.  They learn an awful lot and have a wonderful time.  (And this is all made possible by the most awesome youth pastor ever. See picture below.)  So, in short, this was a big day for John and the entire family.

We cannot thank Deb Trimpe enough.  What a smart, talented cookie - and she is able to get a crowd of middle school boys to behave, learn and grow spiritually... and they love her for it.

The previous year's Confirmation class treats the current year's class and families to a pancake breakfast.  My brother's family drove 51/2 hours through Friday night's storms to be here for John.

John's cousin, Cooper, at the pancake breakfast.

Mom, Dad and John

As our children grow up, Central Presbyterian gives them many gifts.  Most of these are intangible, but certainly valuable.  They really like the ones they can hold in their hands.  I admit it!  I do too! How cool is this?  Our church gives all 3rd graders Reader Bibles, all 4th graders get Presbyterian Hymnals (I love that) and at their Confirmations, they are given Study Bibles.


  1. You are truly blessed to have such a church, and you've convicted me that instead of just "saying" that ours should do something like this, I should offer to help bring it about. I love the gifts and the pancake breakfast as part of the confirmation.

    Our (former) children's choir director always gave a personalized hymnal to her kids upon leaving children's choir in the 6th grade. My girls still cherish the ones they got.

  2. Wow! Thanks, Christa - Our kids might be crazy sometimes, but they're easy to love! I'm blessed to have the most fun job in the world (now if I could just find my mind, I'd be in great shape.) Thanks for the great write-up about Confirmation - our goal is to make it a big, celebratory deal for our families - so glad that's how it seems to you, too!