Thursday, April 21, 2011

Beauty Secrets

My family is made up of such beautiful people.  One of the reasons is because we all know this secret:

PORK barbeque makes you pretty. 

We ought to all be drop dead gorgeous.

I want to share my family's favorite source for this beauty product:

The "old" location is Jackson, Georgia.  My Daddy would definitely plan trips around stopping there.  For years, we had Fresh Air BBQ at most family functions at the homes of both grandparents who lived near Jackson.  Now, we have two locations near Athens.  One is in Hull and one is in Bogart. We continue the tradition - and it's now so much more convenient.  Should you decide to stop on your next trip to Athens,  this Fresh Air is on the Atlanta Hwy west of the Pepsi plant.  We'll probably be there.  You'll recognize us as the good lookin' ones!


  1. Too cute! I'll bet it is some eatin' Thanks for stopping by. Happy Easter..

  2. I just giggle over your beauty secrets. I do believe this is another keeper.

    We had a favorite BBQ place about an hour or so away, but it closed years ago.

    Maybe we should road trip to Athens and try yours.