Sunday, April 03, 2011

Beauty Secrets

I thought that I would begin a recurring post called "Beauty Secrets".
While I want to believe that the next new eye cream will really erase
10 years, we all know better - so this post will be about real beauty - the
kind that lasts. (And we'll have a little fun, too - further cementing those laugh lines.)

The product that really removes all the ugly "before" pictures.

Collard greens make you pretty.

After serious thought, I have decided to reveal to the rest of the world a beauty secret that is known far and wide in the south: collard greens make you pretty.  This is also true of cornbread, creamed corn, butter beans, field peas and especially fried green tomatoes.  Fortunately for us all, these foods can be found in abundance in my hometown, Social Circle, Georgia.  For those of you who dish, you will love that the restaurant is named for a china pattern: The Blue Willow Inn.

The restaurant's owner, Mrs. Billie Van Dyke says, "y'all please come".  You won't be sorry.  The grounds are as pretty as the food is good.  I ate there tonight and it was great!  Don't just take my word, though.  The Blue Willow Inn has been featured in two of my favorite magazines, "Southern Lady" and "Southern Living".  I am sure countless other food critics on their own beauty quests have visited as well.

Sadly, Mr. Louis Van Dyke passed away recently and the poor economy has not been kind to the restaurant.  In fact, after my own bridesmaids' luncheon was there, I could not remember when I had even been there and I don't live so far away. Mrs. Van Dyke desparately needs for the restuarant to have great revenue during the month of April.  I promised her that I would do my part and stop in more often.

My children ate with my mom, my husband and me there tonight at a dinner honoring seven citizens who have made an impact on the town, through a program called "Guiding Lights".  My daddy was honored posthumously.  Some of his best friends were honored as well.  It was so nice to see "community" as it should be.  For my 13 year old, the highlight, though, was the food.  The night revealed two certainties: 1) he is more beautiful than ever and 2) we will be back very soon!

The Blue Willow was once a beautiful home and its twin is right across the street.  The story goes that two brothers built the same house.  After the first one was built the second brother built the same plan but enlarged it by a linear foot or two and added brick! 

One of my favorite patterns...

Mrs. Van Dyke showing off her complete line of sweet beauty products!

Your mouth is watering... soon your skin will be glowing...

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  1. That's your home town? I love that town! My mother discovered the Blue Willow some years back and insisted that we all take a road trip.

    I didn't know it was suffering businesss. I am absolutely putting it a visit on my soon-to-do list. Just as you said, it's a treat inside and out.