Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 Perfectly Polished Spring Formal

Held at the University of Georgia Coliseum,
the Perfectly Polished Spring Formal is a
chance for the students who participate to 
demonstrate the dances they have learned.
Dance cards and flowers, dresses
and tuxes...

John - 7th grade
Julia - 5th grade

The Shag

The Cha Cha

... and we are perfectly proud.


  1. I love this! My girls both did something locally called Southern Traditions that is similar to this. Your aunt has probably heard of it. They just loved it, almost as much as their mom loved having them do it. We didn't have such a nice formal to finish it off, though.

  2. Oh, and you have beautiful children!

  3. Love, love this and proud as peaches of your John and Julia....maybe they will grow up and become Debra and Cindy and April? It is a great idea!!!!!!